API Gateway

Sentinet Nodes are high-performance, low-latency and scalable API Management Gateways that provide dynamic facade APIs (or virtual APIs) for the backend business APIs.

Sentinet Nodes can be deployed entirely on-premises in the internal networks, as API Gateways in DMZ, or as cloud Gateways.

A single Sentinet Node can manage thousands of business APIs by providing thousands of independent virtual APIs.

A Sentinet Node is an installable native .NET application that runs in the Microsoft IIS server infrastructure.

API Gateway

Sentinet Node Features

  • Secure virtual services and APIs with managed Access Control for the business services and APIs
  • Supports REST, SOAP, and SOAP to REST dynamic transformations
  • Supports all industry standard security models for RESTful APIs and SOAP services including advanced OAuth, OpenID Connect and WS-* specifications
  • Dynamic messages routing to different business APIs and microservices, or routing messages to different versions of the same API
  • Provides numerous extensibility points for services' and APIs' custom behaviors
  • Native integration with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and Azure Service Bus
  • Helps organizations to manage access to their services and APIs, and to consume partners’ APIs
  • Provides capabilities to transform request and response messages before and after they are handled by the business APIs
  • Provides dynamic mockup services and APIs for the functional and unit testing
  • Supports high-availability and high-performance deployments, on-premises and in the cloud
  • Sentinet Nodes are configured securely and remotely using Sentinet Administrative Console (API Management Portal)