API Catalog

Sentinet API Catalog (a.k.a Sentinet API Repository) is the central storage for registered and published APIs along with their related artifacts managed by the Sentinet API Management infrastructure. Sentinet API Management Portal provides user interface to the API Catalog for Sentinet Administrators, while Sentinet API Developer Portal provides user interface for API Consumers, or API Developers.

How it works diagram

Sentinet API Catalog is an API Repository that provides centralized and secure access to RESTful APIs’ and SOAP services’ design, configuration, description & discovery and publication.

Sentinet API Catalog is organized in a hierarchical folder-based structure to offer flexible and secure access to APIs or groups of APIs, along with their artifacts such as security policies and access control rules.

A folder or a sub-folder in a Sentinet API Catalog may represent a particular API project, subproject, a business partner, or any other logical grouping of APIs and related artifacts.

Sentinet API Repository

Sentinet API Catalog Features

  • APIs registration
  • APIs design
  • APIs configurations management
  • API versions management
  • API life-cycle management
  • Access to, and generation of APIs metadata (Swagger, OpenAPI, WSDL, messages schemas) and documentation
  • APIs change management, change audit and change notifications
  • Applications, services, microservices and APIs dependencies tracking tracking and impact analysis
  • APIs Backup/Restore and Export/Import for different environments
  • Role-based access by the Sentinet administrators at different levels of APIs hierarchy and different access privileges
  • Searching APIs and their configurations by different criteria, tags and attributes shared by different groups of APIs
  • Dashboards for APIs’ life-cycle states, run-time states and conformance to designated policies
  • Programmatic access to the API Catalog via scripts for API Management automation