API Management & Governance

Nevatech Sentinet is a powerful, flexible, lightweight and scalable API Management and API Governance software platform that will comprehensively address all your API Management needs.

Think of any API Management feature or deployment model - and you will find it covered by Sentinet with unprecedented ease of use and completeness of capabilities.

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A single product with everything you need for API Management

Enterprise-level API Repository (API Catalog) with full support for APIs description, versioning, role-based access, life-cycle and multitenancy managements

Secure and lightweight API Gateway for your APIs, services and microservices with unprecedented run-time capabilities and support for any form and shape of your APIs and services

API Manager for secure, remote and non-intrusive management of your APIs at design-time and at run-time

API Developer Portal with your branded look-and-feel and custom content management for your APIs' publication and analytics

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Deploy and run any or all of the Sentinet components anywhere you want

Virtual Machines
Docker Containers

Sentinet Features

Security Monitoring Analytics Messages Transformation Routing API Discovery and Description Dependency Tracking Version Control SLA Management Alerting Audit and Change Notifications Testing

Sentinet secures communications between applications and APIs regardless of the integration environments such as ESB, Enterprise Applications Integration, public or private exposure of APIs to business partners.

Sentinet provides managed authentication and authorization for API calls by supporting all standard and custom security models.

Sentinet supports simple security pass-through and advanced security mediation scenarios.

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Monitor usage and performance of your SOA services and REST APIs in real-time. Build historical and analytical reports.

Configure monitoring metrics and their thresholds with Service Level Agreements and violation Alerts. Predict future API usage and performance degradations before they happen.

Search and filter message exchanges by date/time, status, communication and API business errors, by API consumer, API operation and by messages content.

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Sentinet provides automatic and continuous data collection and data aggregation for extensive reporting and comprehensive analytics.

Learn how services and APIs are used, and how they perform.

Anticipate future usage, performance and scalability needs with Sentinet predictive analysis.

Identify and calculate Key Performance Indicators.

Use Sentinet built-in reports and dashboards for data visualizations. Extend Sentinet with your own reports.

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Sentinet provides configurable and automated conversions from different communication and message exchange protocols. For example, HTTP to non-HTTP or SOAP to REST.

Bi-directional and controllable messages content transformations from XML to JSON, and from JSON to XML.

Custom messages content modification and content injection or removal.

Graphical pipeline with built-in message transformation components.

Extensibility for custom messages transformations and custom orchestrations.

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Route messages to different APIs or different versions of the same API.

Use Sentinet to load-balance API calls between API physical locations.

Reroute messages to alternative API locations from failed locations.

Graphically configure routing options.

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Discover SOAP services and REST APIs from the Sentinet API Repository.

Provide developers and your partners with the access to your services and APIs metadata, documentation and code samples.

Manage versioning and life-cycle of your APIs.

Group together your APIs by an API product, solution or a business partner access. Organize your APIs hierarchically by the Repository folders.

Provide role-based access to your APIs discovery and description.

Search Sentinet Repository for APIs by different search criteria.

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Track dependencies between your services, Microservices and APIs.

Know how changes to your APIs or their security policies may affect other services and APIs.

Visualize dependencies through the Dependency diagram or drill down dependencies through the Dependency Tree Explorer.

Create and manage dependencies between your applications, APIs and API containers.

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Manage and control versions of your services and APIs.

Route messages between different versions of the same API for backward compatibility and smooth transitioning to the new API versions.

Track and audit changes to your API versions.

Notify developers and API consumers on any changes to your APIs and their versions.

Track dependencies between service and API versions.

Keep API discovery, description and API documentation consistent with your API versions.

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Sentinet provides comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLA) Management that helps understand and implement best practices for APIs usage and performance monitoring coupled with active and pro-active alerting.

In real-time Sentinet validates API usage, performance and traffic volume metrics against configurable thresholds. SLA violation dashboards provide real-time graphs and historical reports for SLAs created for a particular API or a group of APIs accessed by a particular API consumer or a group of consumers.

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Sentinet Alerting System is configurable with multiple alert actions that respond to specific changes in API usage and performance.

Alert actions can send emails and write custom Windows events when alerts are triggered.

Sentinet can be extended with custom alert actions like sending mobile text messages or execution of the custom management scripts.

Sentinet Alerting System provides additional critical API Management notifications. For example, sending alerts about expiring X509 certificates that participate in secure message exchanges.

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Sentinet provides detailed auditing of any changes to all Sentinet API Repository objects. For example: APIs and their descriptions, API operations, security policies or API endpoints.

Developers and API consumers are kept informed about API changes by receiving automated notification emails from the Sentinet.

Sentinet API Portal logins are audited with active User Sessions.

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Test interactions with your SOAP services and REST APIs before they are even fully implemented. Use Sentinet virtual APIs as mockup APIs that can be configured with successful and failed test responses.

Security and performance implications can be tested even before API concrete implementations are available.

Sentinet makes API providers and API consumers more productive by allowing them to create parallel and isolated development and test environments.

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Companies trust Sentinet

Global-scale enterprises, Government organizations and mid-size companies use Nevatech Sentinet™ for API Management and Governance of their mission critical API integrations, SOA architectures and ESB implementations.

Sam Vanhoutte
Laimis Galkauskas Senior Manager - Integration Systems Mohawk Industries, USA

“Anytime we experience a unique and seemingly unsolvable API Management problem, our team is able to resolve it with Sentinet. We just love it – there is no other tool on the market that has these awesome capabilities combined with incomparable technical support”

Jörgen Niesen
Steve Melan IT Team Manager and Senior Architect Spuerkeess (State Saving Bank), Luxembourg

“Sentinet is like a master key for APIs – unlocking seamless integration with robust security, performance and orchestration. It’s the bridge that connects our digital landscapes”

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