Nevatech global technology partners and Sentinet authorized resellers provide expert professional and Sentinet implementation services for local markets around the world.
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Sentinet Product Specialists

Nevatech recognizes technical leaders who have demonstrated extensive expertise with Sentinet product as "Product Specialist". These individuals come from Nevatech partners and distinguished members of the Microsoft Service Integrators community. They have invested time and energy building in-depth knowledge of, passion for, and experience with Sentinet product, and share it with Nevatech customers and community.

Sentinet Product Specialist

Sam Vanhoutte

is the CTO and Product Manager with Codit, a leading European Microsoft Service Integrator with headquarters in Belgium. Sam is a Microsoft Integration MVP and a Microsoft BizTalk Professional Technology Specialist. He has extensive experience in building integrated ESB and SOA Enterprise solutions. Sam is a member of Microsoft Connected Systems and Microsoft Azure Advisory boards. Sam co-founded the BizTalk User Group and he is an active crew member of the Microsoft Azure User groups in Belgium. While working with a lot of different enterprise customers, Sam has been using Sentinet in a lot of different scenarios in order to make integration solutions faster, better secured and manageable.

Massimo Crippa

is an integration specialist with more than 10 years of experience with Microsoft enterprise products and technologies. He started his career in the Italian IT industry as a backend developer and later focused on middleware projects. In 2011 he moved to Belgium where he is working as an Integration Architect for Codit. In this role, he's keenly focused on designing and implementing integration solutions with Microsoft BizTalk Server. At Codit, he is also responsible for the Sentinet product where his tasks range from demonstrating the features and capabilities, and all the way to the final product implementation in the customers' environments.

Steef-Jan Wiggers

has 15 years of experience as a technical lead developer, applications architect and a consultant. Steef-Jan is specializing in custom applications development and Enterprise Application Integrations, BizTalk Server, Web services, APIs and Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Steef-Jan is a very active member of the BizTalk Server international community as a blogger, Wiki author/editor, forum moderator, writer and public speaker in the Netherlands and Europe. For the last 4 consecutive years Steef-Jan has been recognized with the Microsoft MVP title. On his personal blog and TechNet Wiki he shares his knowledge covering multiple aspect of the Sentinet product, as well as general topics around SOA, APIs, Microsoft Azure, Service Bus, BizTalk Server and BizTalk Azure Services.

Somer Bozyel

is the Principal Consultant with premier Turkish service integrator and Nevatech partner, Ceviz Bilgi Teknolojileri. Somer has over 20 years of experience with the Microsoft platform and technologies as a System Administrator, Software Developer and consultant. He runs company’s EIA, SOA and BizTalk Server practices since joining Ceviz in 2010. He specializes in building complex integration solutions and systems, and improving their quality in Finance, Insurance and Manufacturing domains.

Marco Antonio Hernández Prado

is the founder and CEO of the leading Colombian Microsoft service integrator and Nevatech partner, iT Synergy. Marco has more than 10 years of experience working on and managing SOA solutions and projects for the large enterprises in South America. He is specializing on the architecture and development of the middleware solutions using Microsoft application integration platforms and technologies such as BizTalk Server, WCF, ESB and Azure Service Bus among others. Marco is passionate about delivering real world solutions that work in the simplest way but with high impact for customers’ business. He is working on integration projects in Financial, Telecommunications, IT, Oil & Gas and Logistics industries. Marco has strong knowledge of and extensive experience in using Sentinet in Application Integration and ESB solutions that require SOA governance and manageability.

Réjean Ouellet

is the Director of Integration Group at Alithya, a Montreal Canada-based leading Microsoft Service Integration company. Réjean Ouellet holds a masters’ degree in applied science with more than 25 years of experience in computer science and software engineering. Having acted as an IT architect for many years, Réjean has developed considerable expertise in SOA using Sentinet and Microsoft technologies such as BizTalk Server, ESB Toolkit, Microsoft Azure, AppFabric and WCF. Réjean is certified as a MCPD for Microsoft Azure and MCTS for BizTalk. He regularly shares his knowledge and experience with Microsoft community and customers through his public presentations, blogs and training classes. He is one of the few Microsoft Virtual Technical Specialists (V-TSP) in Canada to support integration requests using Microsoft technologies.

Christos Karras

is a senior software developer and technical leader at Alithya. He has 14 years of experience in the professional services and custom software development. He worked with integration, database and web technologies such as Microsoft BizTalk Server, Microsoft Azure, Sentinet, WCF, XSLT, Microsoft SQL Server, SSIS, ASP.Net MVC, Entity Framework, C# and Java. Christos is a Microsoft certified MCTS for BizTalk Server, .NET Services and .Net Data Access, as well as MCPD for Microsoft Azure. He was the lead developer responsible in prototyping solutions to establish the best practices for implementing Sentinet at a Canadian bank in Montreal.

Tomasso Groenendijk

is a BizTalk Server consultant at Motion10, a leading Microsoft service integrator in the Netherlands. Tomasso has over 15 years of experience in software development and software design. He specializes in applications integration with a strong interest in Microsoft Azure cloud platform. In 2014 Tomasso was awarded with the Microsoft Integration MVP award. He is an active contributor to the BizTalk community through his work on MSDN TechNet forums, TechNet Wiki and his blog. Tomasso has strong experience working on the Sentinet projects with Motion10 customers focusing on Sentinet integration with BizTalk Server and ESB Toolkit. He actively blogs about Sentinet on his personal blog and TechNet Wiki.

Shiju Koshy

is a Principal Architect at Cognizant, a global leader in business and technology services. Shiju has more than 13 years of experience with Microsoft enterprise products and technologies. He leads Cognizant’s Microsoft Integration Center of Excellence focusing on strengthening technical capabilities, creating IP's and Solution Accelerators such as domain specific component/frameworks and to incubate new technology offerings. He is specializing on the architecture and development of the middleware solutions using Microsoft application integration platforms and technologies such as Microsoft Azure, BizTalk Server, WCF, K2.Net and Sentinet. Shiju has extensive experience in Sentinet implementation.