Global enterprises, government organizations and mid-size companies use Nevatech Sentinet™ for API Management and API Governance of their mission critical API integrations, SOA architectures and ESB implementations.

Tuan Lam
Tuan Lam Head of Architecture & Integration Marlink, Netherlands

“Sentinet has assisted Marlink in closing substantial multi-million dollar engagements. The flexibility of Sentinet creating virtual services and the security provided at the same time have convinced our customers to use Marlink services over those of our competitors.”

Jörgen Niesen
Jörgen Niesen Chief IT Architect City of Stockholm Executive Office

“By using Sentinet for BizTalk, our SOA and API architecture's development and maintenance cycles have been lowered 5 to 10 times. A task that took a week before is now solved within a day.”

Hans Valcke
Hans Valcke Manager Mohawk SOA Center of Excellence, Belgium

“The key of Mobility is not applications, but the services. Sentinet helped us to raise the quality of our services and to reduce their development cycles.”

Jean-Baptiste Freymann Head of Operations GCS SARA, France

“Sentinet is instrumental in the adoption of the e-health services we provide for new users. The security of these services, managed through Sentinet, is most important.”

Marc-Oliver Seers
Marc-Oliver Seers IT Application Middleware Specialist Business Development Bank, Canada

“Ease of use. Installation is well documented and straight forward. The management interface is right on. Log interface saves us precious time in development and troubleshooting. Grade A support, response time ALWAYS better then expected with quality troubleshooting and help with the product. A must for API management.”

Oliver Plaitin
Oliver Plaitin Head of IT Department Brussels Airlines, Belgium

“The advantages of Sentinet are multiple: for our external stakeholders, we offer a unified API on which they can base themselves, repeat and reuse as much as they can. For our internal resources, Sentinet offers a one-stop shop where they have a view of how our API stack is behaving.”

Heidi Brunborg
Heidi Brunborg Head of IT development Lånekassen, Norway

“Sentinet just works. We implemented the system quite easily and have had no unplanned downtime related to Sentinet in the last years. It has enabled us to facilitate automation of our business-critical APIs and provide services for more than a million customers reliably and securely.”

Oliver Plaitin
Stefan Holmstock IT Architect Baloise Insurance, Belgium

“After a one-day training course, we asked to perform a Proof of Concept. The PoC demonstrated that Sentinet would provide us with the security, visibility and governance functionality we were looking for, without intruding on operations.”

Chris Gee
Chris Gee Head Of Software Development Verastar, UK

“Sentinet is the perfect solution for our new SOA-based API architecture. For us, it really stood out from similar products in the market, providing us with all the capabilities we really required, without needing a degree to use.”

Chris Gee
Baldur Knutsson Enterprise Architect Össur, Iceland

“I like the ability to convert between SOAP and REST, the monitoring and logging of requests and their content, the ability to be able to secure unsecured back-end services and the ease of exposing your API's via Azure Service Bus. We are centralizing our web services, adding a security layer and monitoring usage/metrics.”

Rejéan Ouellet
Rejéan Ouellet Principal Solutions Architect & Practice Manager Integration Alithya, Canada

“I like the combination of SOA Governance and API Management in one tool. The centralized repository gives us the capability of tracking and documenting business-critical services, APIs and all dependencies. Nevatech’s support is fantastic with very fast turnaround times for any questions we have.”

jan boersma
Jan Boersma Information and Application Architect Fondsenbeheer, Netherlands

“Management of web services is very easy and monitoring of usage is excellent. The product has a very good user interface for the configuration of services. Authentication and authorization is flexible and easy to configure. Sentinet makes it easy to integrate with partners and unlock data for eBusiness initiatives.”

Tye Coleman
Tye Coleman IT Architect Brinks Home Security, USA

“We use Sentinet for its seamless integration which enables us to abstract our internal API’s while at the same time adapting to our client’s needs.”

Sam Vanhoutte
Sam Vanhoutte Chief Technology Officer Codit

“Sentinet is the best-suited product for API Governance and API Management, especially when Microsoft technologies are involved.”