Sentinet for Microsoft Biztalk Server

Sentinet extends BizTalk Server with SOA and API Governance by offering comprehensive SOA and API Repository of the BizTalk services. Sentinet Repository exceeds by far capabilities of the traditional UDDI Registries. Sentinet infrastructure provides central and secure management point for BizTalk services and API discovery and description, publication and version control regardless of how BizTalk Receive and Send Ports are configured, with SOAP services or REST APIs.

Sentinet Biztalk

Monitoring and Managed Security

Sentinet extends BizTalk ESB and SOA/API architectures with agility, visibility, manageability and security control of the BizTalk ESB entry and exit points. Sentinet supports native integrations with Microsoft Active Directory, ADFS server, Azure Active Directory or any other Federation or OAuth provider infrastructure.

Sentinet Biztalk

BizTalk Receive Ports can be configured with the same WCF adapter configuration while ultimately exposed as Sentinet virtual services using any required security such as Username/Password, X.509, Kerberos/NTLM, SAML for WS-Federation with SOAP or OAuth for REST.

Sentinet Biztalk

BizTalk Send Ports can be configured with the same internal security against Sentinet virtual services that will help BizTalk Send Ports to consume external services and API using any security required by the external service or API.

Sentinet for BizTalk REST APIs

Sentinet elevates BizTalk Server capabilities to provide and consume REST APIs. BizTalk applications can be enabled with any REST API security model and message exchange protocol such as Username/Password, X.509, Kerberos/NTLM or API Security Keys. Sentinet can automatically convert BizTalk XML messages to JSON and vice versa, and add advanced OAuth security with no changes to the existing BizTalk applications. BizTalk SOAP services can be transformed on-a-fly into light-weight REST APIs to integrate with web or mobile applications.

Sentinet Biztalk

Add monitoring, alerting, and advanced managed security to the BizTalk applications. Convert SOAP to REST.

Sentinet for BizTalk ESB Toolkit

Sentinet Biztalk

The Microsoft BizTalk Server ESB Toolkit provides a range of capabilities focused on building connected service-oriented applications that incorporate itinerary-based service invocation and integration with SOA Governance solutions. Sentinet extends capabilities of the ESB Toolkit by offering Sentinet BizTalk Server Extensions with advanced SOA Repository Resolver integrated with the BizTalk Server, ESB Toolkit and Visual Studio.

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Sentinet with Microsoft Azure Service Bus

Sentinet natively integrates with the Microsoft Azure Service Bus. It extends BizTalk applications with capabilities to easily receive and send messages to and from Service Bus and Service Bus Queues without any changes to the existing BizTalk applications.

Sentinet Biztalk