Messages Transformation

Sentinet provides configurable and automated conversions from different communication and message exchange protocols. For example, HTTP to non-HTTP or SOAP to REST.

Bi-directional and controllable messages content transformations from XML to JSON, and from JSON to XML.

Extensibility for custom message transformations and custom orchestrations.

Custom message content modification and content injection or removal.

Graphical pipeline with built-in message transformation components.

Orchestration of original messages with in-flight external calls.

Built-in message transformation components:

  • HTTP Headers modifications
  • HTTP Method modifications
  • HTTP Status Codes modifications
  • Query Parameters modifications
  • Change Relative endpoint URL
  • Change Absolute endpoint URL
  • Message body replacement
  • SOAP headers modifications
  • Regular expression modifications
  • String replacements
  • JSON and XML transformations
  • XSL transformations
  • XDT transformations
  • Transformations based on conditional logic, message content or API caller identity
  • Liquid Transformations
  • Orchestration with in-flight external calls
  • Response caching
  • Extensibility for custom transformations