How it works - Overview

How it works diagram

Sentinet Administrators publish their APIs in the Sentinet API Catalog using API Management Portal. From the portal they graphically design virtual APIs which provide dynamic facades for the business (backend) APIs.

API Gateway (Sentinet Node) reads its configuration from the API Catalog using the Sentinet Management API. The API Gateway dynamically creates virtual APIs that provide remote management facade for the business APIs.

API consumer applications call Sentinet virtual APIs hosted on the API Gateway(s). The API Gateway provides run-time management of the API calls (security, monitoring, routing, transformations, etc.)

The API Gateway forwards messages to the business APIs using requirements of the business APIs with the optional mediation of security and communication protocols.

The API Gateway sends API usage and monitoring data to the Sentinet API Catalog using Sentinet Management API.

Developers access real-time, historical and analytical data about API calls, their state, usage and performance using API Developer Portal.

Bi-directional use of Sentinet

sentinet how it works - API manageability

Sentinet enables your APIs with manageability, visibility and protection of the API traffic.

sentinet how it works - API traffic

Sentinet helps your applications to consume external services and partner APIs with full visibility and control of the API traffic.

sentinet how it works - Combined Value

Use the same Sentinet infrastructure to combine the value of protecting your own APIs, and to help you consume your partner APIs