API Developer Portal

Sentinet API Developer Portal is a tool for API Consumers, or API Developers, who want to learn what APIs are offered by an API Provider organization and how to use these APIs. Sentinet administrators create and manage content for API Developer Portal using API Management Portal. Effectively, an API Developer Portal is a API marketplace with publicly or privately published APIs, and with added capabilities for API Developers to monitor, analyze and troubleshoot their usage of the provider’s APIs.

How it works diagram

Sentinet API Developer Portal is a self-service web portal for developers to discover published APIs and to get access to their documentation, standard metadata documents (such as Swagger, OpenAPI or WSDL), code and message samples.

API Developers use API Developer Portal to self-manage their accounts, subscriptions and API Keys for the offered provider’s API Products.

Monitoring and business reports help API Developers to control their usage of APIs in real-time and through historical analytics.

API Developer Portal API Developer Portal Monitoring

Sentinet API Developer Portal Features

  • Fully customizable and branded User Interface with the Content Management System from the industry leading open-source CMS system
  • Self-managed user registration and accounts management
  • API Products discovery and description
  • APIs description with automatically generated industry standard metadata documents (Swagger, OpenAPI, WSDL, JSON schemas, XSD schemas)
  • Support for REST and SOAP APIs
  • Self-managed API Product Subscriptions management
  • API consumer applications registration with self-serviced API Keys management
  • Real-time monitoring and historical logs analysis
  • API Subscriptions workflow and life-cycle management
  • Detailed tracking of individual API calls with payloads recording
  • Dashboards for account real-time monitoring and historical reporting analysis
  • Dashboards for account usage and state conditions