API Management Portal

Sentinet API Management Portal is a highly interactive, remote and secure Administrative Console, which centrally controls entire Sentinet API Management infrastructure. It is used by API Management administrators to maintain API Catalog (a.k.a Sentinet API Repository) with managed APIs, their life-cycle, versioning, publishing and API description, security and alerting, real-time monitoring and historical analytics.

API Management Portal offers interactive designers for registering and publishing your APIs with required security and run-time behaviors. Once APIs are published in API Catalog, they can be offered as public or private API Products via Sentinet API Developer Portal.

How it works diagram

Sentinet API Management Portal is a central Administrative Console for the owners of API Management infrastructure.

Sentinet users access API Management Portal to design and publish APIs along with their metadata (Swagger, OpenAPI, WSDL), documentation, security requirements and run-time behaviors.

API providers use Sentinet API Management Portal to create dynamic virtual facade APIs hosted on the Sentinet API Gateways to secure access to their business APIs, and to monitor their health, performance and usage with extended technical and business analytics.

API Management Portal

Sentinet API Management Portal Features

  • Remote and secure access to the entire Sentinet API Management infrastructure
  • Design new backend APIs from scratch, or register APIs from existing Swagger, OpenAPI or WSDL documents
  • Graphical Designers for dynamic virtual APIs hosted in API Gateway(s)
  • Graphical Designers for the API Security policies and Access Control rules
  • Validation of security policies compliances
  • Graphical Designers for Messages Transformations
  • Real-time API Monitoring, recording and historical tracking of the message exchanges
  • API Analytics and reporting dashboards
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) management, SLA violations monitoring and alerting
  • Mockup API Testing
  • Interactive diagrams for APIs Dependency Tracking and impact analysis
  • API Audit, APIs change management and change notifications
  • API Consumers, API Products, and API Subscriptions Management for API Developer Portal