API Gateway

An API Gateway is a specialized reverse proxy application and infrastructure, which takes calls from API Consumer applications and routes them to the backend APIs. While routing request and response messages, an API Gateway ensures enforced and implemented API Security, managed API Monitoring and API Alerting, required API Messages Transformations and Orchestrations, and gives API Providers and API Consumers access to in-depth technical and business API Analytics.

A single Sentinet API Gateway (a.k.a Sentinet Node) can manage API Security and API Monitoring of unlimited backend APIs and microservices, and multiple Sentinet Nodes can be deployed to address different requirements for networking and API Security, APIs deployment models and operational environments.

How it works diagram

Sentinet Nodes are high-performance, low-latency and scalable API Gateways that provide dynamic facade APIs (or virtual APIs) for the backend business APIs.

Sentinet Nodes can be deployed entirely on-premises in the internal networks, as API Gateways in DMZ, or as cloud applications.

A single Sentinet Node can manage unlimited business APIs and microservices by providing independent virtual APIs.

A Sentinet Node is an installable application, which can be deployed in just a few minutes using either interactive Wizards or fully automated scripts.

Sentinet API Gateway Features

  • Enable managed business APIs with managed API Security and Access Control
  • Enable managed business APIs with API Monitoring and Alerting
  • Support all industry standard security models for RESTful APIs and SOAP services including advanced OAuth, OpenID Connect and WS-* specifications
  • Dynamic messages Routing to different business APIs and microservices. Routing messages to different versions of the same API
  • Provides capabilities to transform and orchestrate messages before and after they are handled by the business APIs
  • Provide dynamic mockup APIs for API Security, functional and unit testing
  • Support high-availability and high-performance deployments, on-premises and in the cloud
  • Sentinet Nodes are configured securely and remotely using Sentinet Administrative Console (API Management Portal)
  • Provides numerous extensibility points for services' and APIs' custom behaviors
  • Supports any cloud provider with particular integration points with the Microsoft Azure and Azure Service Bus
  • Bi-directional API traffic management. Sentinet API Gateway protects your APIs, and makes it easier to consume your partners’ APIs