Why Sentinet?

In the modern API Economy, the APIs and Web Services are not just the way to do business but the way to stay in business. Organizations use APIs to integrate their internal Enterprise Applications, to expose APIs to their business partners and consumers, and to build applications that use external public or private APIs.

Whether you provide an API for internal or external use, or consume your partner’s API, you face the same exact common API Governance and API Management challenges such as security, monitoring, analytics and many others. Sentinet software solution addresses these common challenges by taking full responsibility to provide cost-effective management and control for your APIs, and helps developers and operations to focus on the essence of the APIs’ business execution.

Why Sentinet API Management

What is Unique?

Sentinet can manage any Web Service or API regardless of the platform they are built or deployed on. At the same time, Sentinet is the only product on the market that is entirely built on the Microsoft platform that covers on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments by the same unified solution. This makes Sentinet unique where Microsoft or mixed technologies are involved.

Sentinet is the software solution that combines API Governance design-time capabilities with powerful API Management run-time capabilities.

The unique User Interface makes API Management simpler than ever before.

Helps to protect your services and APIs with the managed access and control, and to simplify integrations with your partners’ services and APIs.

Sentinet supports all communication protocols such as REST and SOAP and all industry standard and custom security models, on-premises or in the cloud.

Built-in capabilities combined with unprecedented level of extensibility for custom behaviors via standard Microsoft .NET interfaces.

Fully customizable Developer Portal User Interface with content management system from the industry leading open-source CMS system

Sentinet On-Premises

Sentinet can be deployed entirely on-premises or in your private datacenter.

Internal services and APIs can be safely exposed to external customers and business partners through the Sentinet DMZ Nodes (API Gateways).

Sentinet DMZ Nodes

Enterprise applications can be safely integrated with each other through internal APIs in a managed and controlled environment.

Sentinet Applications

Sentinet Applications Sentinet extends ESB architectures with visibility, manageability and control of the ESB entry and exit points. Sentinet provides particular benefits for the Microsoft BizTalk Server ESB architectures by offering native integration with its platform, and by extending BizTalk Server ESB architectures with SOA Governance and API Management on-premises and in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Read more

Sentinet On-premises

Sentinet for Cloud

Sentinet infrastructure can be deployed entirely in the cloud, or it can be distributed across on-premises and cloud environments in a hybrid scenario. At the same time, Sentinet can manage customer APIs that can also be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud.

Sentinet offers particular benefits for the Microsoft Azure cloud by offering native integration with its platform, and extensibility for its cloud capabilities.

Sentinet natively supports:
  • Azure security infrastructure and technology stacks
  • Azure specific communication protocols
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Service Bus Relay service
  • Azure Service Bus Queues, Topics and Subscriptions
Sentinet for Cloud

Sentinet for Hybrid Environments

Deploy Sentinet components across multiple networks, cloud or on-premises. Connect and manage your APIs deployed across hybrid environments with a single Sentinet API Management deployment. Use Sentinet as a central management point with full control and ownership of your data, security and visibility in APIs usage.

sentinet on-premises