API Repository

Sentinet API Repository is the API Catalog that provides centralized and secure access to the Restful APIs and SOAP services design, description, discovery and publication.

Sentinet API Repository provides hierarchical folder-based structure. API are stored in the Repository folders along with their associated management assets such as security policies and access control rules.

A Repository folder may represent a particular API project, a business partner, or any other logical grouping of services and APIs.

Sentinet API Repository

Sentinet API Repository Features

  • Services and APIs versions management
  • Services and APIs life-cycle management
  • Access to services and APIs metadata (Swagger, OpenAPI, WSDL, messages schemas) and documentation
  • Services and APIs change management, change audit and change notifications
  • Applications, services, Micro-services and APIs dependencies tracking and impact analysis
  • APIs and services Backup/Restore and Export/Import for different environments
  • Role-based access to the API Repository by the Sentinet users at different levels of API groupings.