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Nevatech Sentinet is a powerful, flexible, lightweight and scalable API Management and API Governance software platform that will comprehensively address all your API Management needs.

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Enterprise-level API Repository (API Catalog) with full support for APIs description, versioning, role-based access, life-cycle and multitenancy managements

Secure and lightweight API Gateway for your APIs, services and microservices with unprecedented run-time capabilities and support for any form and shape of your APIs and services

API Manager for secure, remote and non-intrusive management of your APIs at design-time and at run-time

API Developer Portal with your branded look-and-feel and custom content management for your APIs' publication and analytics

Sentinet Features

Messages Transformation
API Discovery and Description
Dependency Tracking
Version Control
SLA Management
Audit and Change Notifications

Sentinet can manage any Web Service or API regardless of the platform it is built or deployed on. At the same time, Sentinet is the only product on the market that is entirely built on the Microsoft platform that covers on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments by the same unified solution. This makes Sentinet unique where Microsoft or mixed technologies are involved.

Companies trust Sentinet

Global-scale enterprises, Government organizations and mid-size companies use Nevatech Sentinet™ for API Management and Governance of their mission critical API integrations, SOA architectures and ESB implementations.

Jörgen Niesen
Jörgen Niesen Chief IT Architect City of Stockholm Executive Office

“By using Sentinet for BizTalk, our SOA and API architecture's development and maintenance cycles have been lowered 5 to 10 times. A task that took a week before is now solved within a day”

Sam Vanhoutte
Sam Vanhoutte Chief Technology Officer Codit

“Sentinet is the best-suited product for API Governance and API Management, especially when Microsoft technologies are involved”

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