Securing, Monitoring and Aggregating Azure Logic Apps with Sentinet API Management

The article demonstrates how you can effectively secure and monitor Azure Logic Apps with Sentinet API Management. [Continue reading...]

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API Management with Sentinet 5 - Overview

Nevatech Sentinet is the only enterprise class API Management and API Governance platform written in .NET that is available for On-Premise, Cloud and Hybrid environments. It connects, mediates and manages interactions between services across the enterprise or in the cloud.[Continue reading...]

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Service Level Agreements in API Management. Basic Setup – part 1

One of the challenges that modern IT businesses face, is the regulation of communications between a service provider and a client. This regulation is often called Service Level Agreement. In API world specifically, SLAs can also be used as a measure to establish Service Level Objectives (SLO), when APIs must be constantly checked against operational and/or contractual metrics. [Continue reading...]

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API Monitoring – why more is better than less!

The success of major modern IT initiatives is highly dependent on the success of the APIs’ development and production operations, which in turn depend on the presence of API Management software infrastructures that support APIs adoption.[Continue reading...]

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