Sending messages to Azure Service Bus Queues using Sentinet API Management and Shared Access Signature

This article demonstrates how you can effectively integrate Sentinet API Management with Azure Service Bus messaging. [Continue reading...]

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Integration of API Management with Azure Active Directory

In this article I will demonstrate how you can effectively integrate API Management with Azure Active Directory as an OAuth/OpenID Connect provider. [Continue reading...]

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What You Should Expect From an API Management Catalog

In this article I will talk about some specific, often overlooked capabilities of an API Catalog when selecting API Management products. I will also emphasize the unique and practical value of those capabilities [Continue reading...]

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Integration of API Management with Azure Service Bus Queues (with Send and Receive messages)

In this article I am going to cover interesting option for integrating API Management with Azure Service Bus Queues and Topics. [Continue reading...]

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“Real” integration of API Management with Azure Service Bus Relay Service

How to expose internal REST and SOAP APIs via API Management through the Azure Service Bus Relay [Continue reading...]

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API Governance and API Management

Modern cloud services, mobile applications, social media and embedded software in the Internet of Things (IoT) are assembled from multiple bits of discrete code – building blocks (services, components, objects, containers, microservices) that comprise a system or application. For the building blocks to function together they must communicate, and exchange data based on rules that describe how they work. [Continue reading...]

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API Management with Sentinet 5 - Overview

Nevatech Sentinet is the only enterprise class API Management and API Governance platform written in .NET that is available for On-Premise, Cloud and Hybrid environments. It connects, mediates and manages interactions between services across the enterprise or in the cloud.[Continue reading...]

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Managing API Security with Sentinet

Nevatech Sentinet™ API Management helps developers build, provide and consume APIs using both industry standard and custom security models. Developers can delegate some, or all of the responsibilities to handle security on behalf of the API Provider or API Consumer applications to Sentinet.[Continue reading...]

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What you really need to know about securing APIs with mutual certificates

Mutual certificates over SSL/TLS is a standard, “classical” and very popular way of securing REST APIs – but what about challenges in setting up this security model and how to address them properly? [Continue reading...]

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Service Level Agreements in API Management. Basic Setup – part 1

One of the challenges that modern IT businesses face, is the regulation of communications between a service provider and a client. This regulation is often called Service Level Agreement. In API world specifically, SLAs can also be used as a measure to establish Service Level Objectives (SLO), when APIs must be constantly checked against operational and/or contractual metrics. [Continue reading...]

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